Super Bear Adventure Mod APK 10.5.1 (Unlimited Money/Health)

super bear adventure mod apk (unlimited money and health)

Super Bear Adventure Mod APK (Unlocked All Skins)

4.3 (134)

Android 5.1+


Nov 8, 2023

Additional Information

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Earthkwak Games

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Jun 10, 2017

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Download from Google Play

  • Unlimited Money, Health
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked all skins
  • Everything unlocked

What is Super Bear Adventure?

Do you love playing adventure games? If the answer is yes, have you ever played the Super Bear adventure game? If not, you must give a try to this game. It’s a very interesting and entertaining game, and it comes up with many adventurer features you have never experienced before in any similar game. On our website APK Wires, you’ll get the Super Bear Adventure mod apk version with complete freedom on paid features.

A 90s game-inspired Super Bear adventure game was offered by Earthkwak Games and was resealed on June 10, 2017. It’s one of the most popular and trending adventure games in the world these days. Therefore, more than 50 million people have downloaded this game so far. These numbers increase on a daily basis; also, the overall rating of the Super Bear adventure game is positive. You can also check and play a similar adventure game Mod APK.

Story of Super Bear Adventure

The story of the game is unique and fascinating. There was a kingdom of the Bee dynasty and a lot of creatures living there happily. Also, all of them were happy with the Bee Queen because she was very kind and fair. Therefore the kingdom was one of the best examples of honesty. Suddenly, the bees started producing a different type and purple colour of honey, and the kingdom’s residents started liking it.

Initially, everything is fine, but after some time, it has a bad impact on the creatures who consume the purple colour honey because they become crazy, like senseless animals and start attacking their friends. Nobay was able to understand what was going on, and the inhabitants became weak and couldn’t fight back because the population was affected by this honey.

When the situation gets out of hand, suddenly, the bees realize that the bear wasn’t affected by the purple honey, and they become a last hope to protect the empire. Bees decided to get help from them. Fortunately, one of the bears managed to keep away from the attack. So, the whole duty is now on his shoulders.

Download super bear adventure latest version

About the Super Bear Adventure Mod APK

The version of Super Bear Adventure that you download from the Google Play Store has some purchase features. But when you download the Super Bear Adventure Mod APK, you’ll get a lot of features unlocked. When you download and install the mod version, you can enjoy unlimited money, unlimited Health, Unlimited Coins, All Levels Unlocked, and Unlocked all the skins. So, this version of the game gives you limitless opportunities to enjoy the game.

Moreover, using the mod version of this game will help you access all the premium features, which will be helpful in the gameplay. What are you waiting for? Just download the latest version of the Super Bear Adventure APK Mod version and get the benefits from all the finest features of the game without any cost and have a complete experience of the adventure.


  • When you install the mod version of Super Bear Adventure, you obtain all paid features for free.
  • The story of the game is engaging, and it’ll take you back to the ’90s game.
  • The Gameplay of the Super Bear Adventure game brings you 3D visuals.
  • You can use all the locked skins without any fee in the mod version of the game.


When it comes to the gameplay of the Super Bear Adventure game, it’s full of fun and adventure. Playing the game with the best quality graphics will make you fall in love with this game. In the gameplay, you need to talk with the inhabitants of the kingdom, they will give you a message to follow or recommendations, and you’re going to face many hurdles as well. Make a proper plan of how to proceed and fight with the mad enemies to free your friends from these monsters. You can explore different levels and collect as many coins as possible, and you must unlock the hats.

Download Super Bear Adventure for PC

The good for you is now you can download the Super Bear Adventure for PC as well. You can play the Super Bear Adventure on PC after downloading the Gameloop Emulator. It also allows you to play other Android games on your PC or laptop. So, enjoy the awesome adventure game on PC now!

Game Features

6 Open World Levels

You’ll not get bored when you download the Super Bear adventure game because it has six open-world levels; you can explore these levels, and all the levels have unique locations and gameplay styles. You will be able to explore different icy, muddy, greenery, etc., locations. You are definitely going to love it. That means it’s a chance for you to show your real adventure skills and learn many new skills while playing the Super Bear adventure game.

Free Your Friends

Your kingdom is at stake, and your friends are in trouble. Now you are the one who can secure the kingdom from different enemies. Let’s jump into the field, fight with these mad people, and free your friends from them; once again, the kingdom will revive, and all the creatures can live peacefully.

Customize the Bear Appearance

This is one of the best features of this game because you’re allowed to give the bear a new look, using so many different options like changing the appearance of a bear’s head, body, skin and shicka. In the head section, you’ll find more than 20 head appearance options, such as Axe head, Bandit mask, Beard, Big Ears, Cap, Egg hat, Santa Hat, Soccer cap, and more.

When it comes to the body, you can put on clothes, and almost 21 clothing varieties are available to use. It includes a Jacket, Santa Suit, Cape, Rainbow trails, Shirts, Scraf, Skeleton body, Muscular body, Lab coat and much more. The unique skins and Shicka can also be selected because these two have a huge variety. Fifteen colours of modern skins and 14 colours of Shicka are available to customize the bear’s appearance.

Customize your bear in super bear adventure game

3D Graphics

As we know, the game is classic because it was built after getting inspiration from old ’90s games. But then the Super Bear adventure game has 3D graphics. You may have seen 3D movies it gives a feel of reality same like. That when you play this game, the realistic graphics push you to play the game again and again.

Collect coins and Hearts

To get additional advantages of the game, you should collect as many coins as possible while playing the Super Bear Adventure mobile game because when you gather these, you get the opportunity to buy many more features and strengths. A lot of enemies will come your way, so try to kill them; otherwise, they will kill you.

Key Mod Features

Unlimited Money, Coins and Health

If you are trying to find Super Bear Adventure mod apk’s unlimited money and health, you can get it after downloading the mod version of the game. Unlimited money or coins can be helpful to buy pro features, and unlimited health will keep you alive for a long.

Unlocked All Skin

In this free version of the game, the additional skins are locked, and you’ve to wait, collect coins, and complete levels to unlock the skins. But in the mod Super Bear adventure apk, you’ll be able to unlock all skins using unlimited coins you got in this version of the game.

What is new in the APP?

  • The game was updated to a new version, 10.1.2.
  • A lot of new cosmetics have been added.
  • Improved game graphics.
  • The quality of life was improved.

What are the Mobile Requirements?

  • Android 5.1 and up is required.
  • At least 3 to 4 GB RAM.
  • At least 128Gb Storage.
  • Requires 11.0 or later for iOS, iPad, macOS, Apple M1 chip

Pros and Cons

  • PROS
  • 6 different levels in the game
  • Super Bear Adventure Mod APK provides unlimited money and health
  • Multiple skills
  • Offline gameplay is available
  • Fast Download
  • CONS
  • Need internet to save the gameplay progress
  • No more cons

The download and installation process is straightforward. We’ve made some simple steps to make it easier for you. Follow the below steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is download the Super Bear Adventure Mod APK.
  • Open the file manager area on your mobile device.
  • Go to the location where you usually see downloaded files.
  • Click on the downloaded APK file and install the game. It can take a few seconds to get done.
  • You must enable the “unknown source file” permission during game installations.

Super Bear Adventure – Review

The Super Bear Adventure Mod APK game is perfect for those who love classic adventure games. Multiple features make the game more exciting; you have permission to customize the look of the bear and can visit different locations in the game. The powerful 3D graphics are amazing for watching and playing the game. Furthermore, the mod version allows you to use multiple paid features of the game without paying anything. So, it’ll be double fun!

Super Bear AdventureFAQs

Yes, you can acquire Unlimited Money and Health. You need to download the mod version of Super Bear Adventure APK from

The super bear adventure game has 6 open world levels.

Yes, the SuperBear Adventure Mod APK is 100% free to play.

Yes, this game was made for both Android and iOS devices. So you can play this game on your iOS mobile as well.

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