Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK 1.3.1 Unlimited Money

public transport simulator coach mod apk latest version

Public Transport Simulator Coach

4.4 (175)

Android 4.4+


Nov 4, 2023

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Dec 28, 2019

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  • Unlimited Money
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  • All levels Unlocked
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If you have been playing car games like Dr Driving Mod APK and Rice Burner Mod APK, and are interested in having a different experience, then you should give a try to Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK game; it’s not like the traditional car games we used to play, in this game you’ll have experience of public bus transport. The mod version has unlimited money, all levels unlocked, and much more; now, you can download it from our website APK Wires.

The Public Transport Simulator Coach is one of the best games in the simulation category. A lot of its features make the game famous worldwide. It gives you a feel of real Public Transport, and you’ll learn how it works. When it comes to the graphics of the Public Transport Simulator game, they’re attractive! The unique gameplay of the public transport simulator will keep you engaged with this game.

public transport simulator coach download

What is a Public Transport Simulator Coach?

The Public Transport Simulator Coach APK is the finest game, and you would have never played such games in the past. You’ll get to know about the bus drivers, how they do their job of public transportation and much more like taking the bus from one place to another. The standard game version can be downloaded from the Play Store, but some of the features are paid for in the version you install from the Google Play Store.

There are so many opportunities in the game to earn money, like when you start the game, you can offer a transport service to the passengers and take them to their destinations. Also, you’ll be exploring the open world map on the coach, the beautiful scenery around you, the tall buildings, and the trees. All such features attract more users to this game.

What is Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK?

The modified version of the game is called Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK; this version of the game has unlimited resources, which you can’t get for free in the original version of the Public Transport game. You’ll get unlimited money that you can use to buy more buses, all the levels unlocked, and a lot more benefits in the game.

What are you waiting for? And why not give a try to the mod version of Public Transport Simulator Coach APK and enjoy the premium advantages of the game? We can say that once you start playing this game and if your interest develops in the game, you’ll be playing the Public Transport Simulator bus game again and again.

Comparison of Original vs. MOD

Limited MoneyUnlimited Money
Levels LockedAll Levels Unlocked
Locked CoachUnlocked Coach
A lot of AdsZero Ads
Paid FuelFree Fuel

Benefits of Playing this Game

  • You’ll get to know how the public transportation system works.
  • A lot of different locations will keep you engaged with the game.
  • The mod version of the game offers a lot of pro features for free use.
  • It’ll help you to learn some new skills for driving a bus on small roads.
  • Unlimited money is waiting for you; when you install the mod version of this game.

The download and installation process is straightforward. We’ve made some simple steps to make it easier for you. Follow the below steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is download the Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK.
  • Open the file manager area on your mobile device.
  • Go to the location where you usually see downloaded files.
  • Click on the downloaded APK file and install the game. It can take a few seconds to get done.
  • You must enable the “unknown source file” permission during game installations.

How to Play the Game?

The gameplay of Public Transport Simulator Coach is unique and interesting. You’ll have your own bus to provide services to passengers; once you start the game, you need to accept a job to proceed. One important thing is to don’t forget to fill up the fuel in the bus before transportation. After accepting the job, you’ll be asked to reach the specific location, and you have to drive the bus carefully so that the passengers can reach their desired location on time and safely. So, after the job gets done, you’ll earn cash and spend this money on the upgradation of your bus.

Can I Play Public Transport Simulator Coach on PC or Mac?

This is an astonishing public simulator game; everyone wants to play it on a big screen. Therefore, If you want to play the Public Transport Simulator Coach game on your pc, you need to install any Android emulator like BlueStack. Then you’ll be able to download and install Android games from the Google Play Store and play on your PC or Latops. 

Game Features

A lot of Modern Buses

It’s one of the most demanding features of the game because the Public Transport Simulator Coach game offers us a lot of modern buses to enjoy the game on different roads. Each coach has unique qualities and powers, and you can use any bus to provide transportation services and play the game. You’ll also enjoy this game’s stylish buses and amazing tracks! Check the list of available buses in the Public Transport Simulator Coach game;

  • NAM M
  • Icarus
  • Star i8
  • NAM
  • Planer
  • Seter 5165
  • ScanLineT
  • Traveler
  • Tourist
  • Traveler M
  • Volly 9
  • Volly 9S

Improve Passenger Comfort

To give your passengers a comfortable, safe, and leisurely experience of traveling on your bus, you need to take some steps and provide these things to your traveler. Therefore, the game offers you all the key features so that you give a professional series and a handsome amount of money. In this case, the game provides the following possibilities;

  • In this bus simulation game, you have permission to provide passengers with comfortable seats so they can rest too! You can get a bus with a toilet, Freshwater automat, Air conditioning for sure, and Hot drink machines.
  • It’s an era of happening every day, and you can have some daily magazines and newspapers, set up tv so that they can watch some moves stuff, good quality wifi, and much more.
  • Some people can’t travel on buses, so you must offer them some medical essentials, a defibrillator, a collision warning system, and an automatic fire suppression system.
  • When someone is traveling, they may have some languages and other stuff, so you can install an additional cargo box on your coach.

Customize Your Coach

Beautiful things always attract people, and in the public transport simulator coach game, you can give your bus a new look by adding different colors, like baby blue, pear, gray, white, black, olive, khaki, etc., applying the flag combination on the body of buses with almost every country’s flag, and changing the color of the top of the coach. Also, can randomize; it’ll create a special bus for you!

Furthermore, if you want to change rim combinations, you can do that too! The public transport simulator coach has multiple styles of rims; pick the one you like and give your coach rims a new look. You may need ECU upgrades such as Air Intake upgrades, Fuel tank size upgrades, Intercooler upgrades, and ECO tuning. These upgrades will improve the performance of your bus.

In the nighttime, the lights play an important role for any vehicle. You can customize the headlights, like how many lights you want and the shape of the lights if you want to set up some toys on the bus dashboard, and use some hanging accessories on the bus too! Many hanging accessories and flags of different countries are available for this purpose. In the end, and you must wash your bus from time to time so that it doesn’t get dirty.

Different Camera Visuals

Some of the simulation games don’t offer different camera visuals. Still, Public transport Simulation Bus games have 6 types of camera angles the front, inner view from the dashboard, back, road view, and bird’s eye view. So, use different camera angles to ride the bus easily.

Camera views of public transport simulator coach

Restric Traffic on Road

This is one of the best features of this game, and it can be a helpful feature for those who don’t have experience in the Public transport Simulation Coach game. Because you set up how much traffic you want on the roads while playing the game, you can select between automatic, high, and low traffic and disable the traffic. So, the last option is for beginners who are new to this game.

Easy to Use and Customize Controls

The control system of the game is very friendly and easy to use. Still, if you want to change the game controls, the game allows you to customize it according to your needs. You can set up how and where you need the control buttons on the screen; for movement of the bus, you can enable the screen sensor and arrows on the left and right, and you can use steerings too! Also, the auto, manual, and semi-automatic gear systems can be used in this game.

High-Quality Realistic Graphics

The realistic graphics of the Public Transport Simulation Coach game brings its users to play it repeatedly. You’ll have a real feel of the locations; the buildings, clean roads, green trees, bridges, rivers, and greenery around the tracks look awesome.

Graphics of public transport simulator coach

Key Mod Features

Unlimited Money

After downloading the Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK, you’ll get unlimited money. That cash can be used to buy more buses within the game, wash your buses, and get more additional resources that can help you to provide a comfortable bus experience to travelers.

Unlimited Fuels

Sometimes you may face a lack of fuel problem in the game, but in the mod version of Public Transport Simulator Coach APK, you’ll get unlimited fuel for free. So, download the latest version of this game and get the benefits of unlimited fuel for your bus.

Zero Ads in Game

The ads always interrupt the gameplay, and everyone wants to avoid ads, and the mod Public Transport Simulator Coach APK comes up with zero ads. Therefore, you can enjoy ad-free gameplay, and no ad will interrupt you while playing the game.

What is new in the APP?

  • The game is updated to the latest version.
  • New buses were added in the last update.
  • More bus customizations were added.
  • The previous version has some bugs, and they’re fixed now.

What are the Mobile Requirements?

  • Android version 4.4 or up is required to play the game smoothly.
  • At least 3 to 4GB RAM.
  • Storage of 128GB, at least.

Pros and Cons

  • PROS
  • The game can be Instantly downloaded
  • You can customize the bus
  • Offline gameplay is available
  • Mod version unlocked premium benefits
  • Unlimited fuel is available to use
  • The game is available in 20+ languages
  • CONS
  • Recording the gameplay using mobile video can have some sound issues on a few mobile devices.
  • No multiplayer system

Game Review

We can safely say that the Public Transport Simulator Coach Mod APK is one of the most suitable simulation games for smartphone devices. It’s a lightweight game with some advanced features that we usually see in heavy games. The game’s graphics quality, sound, and control system are on point. Also, it” be a unique bus-riding experience in amazing locations worldwide. So, download the public transport simulator coach mod APK and start an exciting coach driving experience!


Yes, you can play the public transport simulator coach mod apk offline anywhere without the internet.

Yes, the game is 100% free to play. Even the mod version of the public transport simulator coach apk allows you to use paid resources for free.

Yes, you can customize the bus as you like. Also, there’s a variety of customization of options available in the game.

No, it’s one of the lightweight bus simulator games with modern features.