Manok Na Pula Mod APK 7.2 (Unlimited Money, Eye, Max Level)

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Feb 17, 2024

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  • Unlimited Money and Eye
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  • Max level 1000
  • Unlocked All Chicken
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If you’re a fighting game fan and want to play a thrilling action game, then the Manok Na Pula game is specially made for you. The standard version of this game, available on the Google Play Store, doesn’t allow free use of some features, but we solved this issue for you. Now, you don’t need to buy anything; download the latest version of Manok Na Pula Mod APK from our website (APK Wires) and get the premium features for free to use.

It can be an interesting and, at the same time, entertaining cockfighting action game where your cock will be in competition with the opponent’s cock, and the one who has good skills and powers be the winner of the contest. Therefore, you’ve to select the better cock which has more powers and abilities so that you can easily beat the opposite cock. You can also play this action game as well Heroes Strike Offline Mod APK.

Manok Na Pula latest version

What’s Manok Na Pula?

It’s a popular chicken fighting game worldwide, especially in the Philippines and Indonesia. In a very short period, the game is rocking and creating new records of downloads on the Google Play Store. The game has more than 5,000,000 downloads so far, and it was released on November 1st, 2019. This game has remarkable graphics quality and a sound system.

Moreover, It’ll be a fun experience playing this game, and there’re multiple cocks accessible to choose from. If you’re a dam-hurt fan of fighting games, you should also play the classic fighting game called Naruto Senki Mod APK because, like the Manok Na Pula, you will find this game entertaining, and it’ll bring some unique fighting experience for you. 

What is Manok Na Pula Mod APK?

As we discussed, the free version of this game above is another version known as Manok Na Pula Mod APK. The mod version of this brings some advantages, which are paid for in the basic version of this game. One of the important benefits is unlimited money and an eye. After having Unlimited Money, Eye, and Max Level, you’ll be able to use all the pro features easily and can unlock the locked hens without paying anything.

It’s going to be the best opportunity for those who can’t afford to pay for the premium resources of the Manoka Na Pula android game. They can play the mod version of this game. Also, with the Manoka Na Pula mod version, you won’t need to wait to complete some levels, collect money and eye to unlock powerful fighting cocks because all of the will be presented to you already. 

Thrilling Gameplay of Manok Na Pula

The game gameplay of this game is also very exhilarating to watch and play because it delivers thorough fun while beating the other cocks. After the successful installation of Manok Na Pula. Select the hen you want to play with and jump into the field, and then you’ll be asked to pick the bet amount, like full or only half, from your available balance. Now, it’s time to fight; try to hit hard immediately.

The winning chances of competition depend on the strength of your hen. So, you’ll find the Manok Na Pula Mod APK helpful. This game version allows you to unlock and make free chicken purchases. Using this opportunity, you can buy effective chicken like Yellow Chicken, Snow Chicken, and many more. So, download the mod version of Manok Na Pula and start your rooster-fighting journey.

Game Features

Multiple and Exciting Chicken Characters

Various exciting chicken characters are available in the manok na pula game. All of them have advanced attacking powers and other skills. You would need to go with the strong rooster to get the top position in the gameplay. There are almost 35 Rooster Chicken in this game; below, you can check the list of some powerful chickens;

ChickenAttacking PowerHPCritical ChanceDefence
Demon Fox70001023092%6000
Manok Na Pula multiple characters

These are the maximum powers and abilities for some characters. To meet these, you need to upgrade them using the unlimited money and the eye you have. After downloading the Manok Na Pula Modded APK, you can explore the other chickens, which also offer Max levels.

Rooster Fighting in Different Locations

Once you keep fighting and beating the opponent roosters, new fighting locations get unlocked, and you can play the game in these locations. The different places will keep you engaged with the game, and you’re going to adore the appearance of this location. It’s human nature we change because we can’t make intact with the same things for long.

Keeping this thing in mind, the Manok Na Pula developer added various places into the game so that you don’t feel bored. Eventually, it’ll bring some new experiences you would have never shared before. Additional locations unlock according to the levels you played and win. Also, it’s one of the major reasons behind the success of this game. A list of these locations is mentioned below;

List of Locations in Manok Na Pula

  • Sabungan
  • Damuhan (Level 3)
  • Perya (Level 4)
  • Las Vegas (Level 7)
  • Jeepney (Level 9)
  • Airplane (Level 11)
  • Planengke (Level 13)
  • Simbang Gabi (Level 16)
  • Classroom (Level 18)
  • Barko (Level 20)
  • Korea Town (Level 22)
  • Christmas (Level 25)
  • Edsa (Level 28)
  • Under the Sea (Level 30)
  • Mount Mayon (Level 37)
  • Castle (Level 40)
  • Lava (Level 45)
  • Jurassic (Level 50)
  • Big Ben (Level 60)
  • Langit (Level 70)
  • Dark World (Level 90)
  • Treasures (Level 99)
  • Pyramid Egypt (Level 95)
  • Moon (Level 200)
  • Laboratory (Level 120)
  • Mars Arrival (Level 500)
  • Mystic Forest (Level 999)
  • Train Station (Level 33)

Enjoy Cock Fighting With Online Players

Your gaming action can be doubled if you play this Android game with other players. To enable this, you need to have a good Wi-Fi connection so the server doesn’t get disconnected. After a stable internet connection, you can invite your Facebook friends and jump in with online players worldwide. So, it’s the best time to enjoy cock fighting with friends and online players.

Playing the rooster fighting game with different players will also help you to test your skills and, at the same time, give you an opportunity to learn and improve your fighting skills from players who have more expertise in the game than you. You and the player against you can chat while playing the game, and for this purpose, some pre-written chats are also available in the game to use.

Amazing Graphics and Entertaining Sound

The game offers high-quality graphics and sound systems. The entertaining background music will keep you gripped with the game. Without good graphics quality, no game can become successful, and no one would like to play video games with poor quality because if someone can’t see the picture clearly, then how would they play the game? So, it is an important part of any game, and this rooster fighting game has fulfilled this aspect.

Observe the Game Statistics

When you start playing the game, you will be assigned a user ID for your profile, where you can put your name. After completing some levels by various fighting cock, a Statistics report will automatically be generated according to your performance. You’ll get to know about the total number of matches you played, including the matches online, the rate of online winning matches, campaign win and lose, chicken unlocked, earned money, and the current money you have in your game account.

Key Mod Features

Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye

After installing the fantastic Manok Na Pula Modfied APK game on your smartphone device, you’ll get unlimited money and an eye, which you can use to buy powerful roosters such as Bald chicken, Mermaid chicken, Hydeo chicken, etc. from the shop section of the game.

Mod Menu is Available

In the mod version of the Manok Na Pula APK game, a special mod menu is available, which you’ll find popping up on the screen in a round shape when you open the game. You can turn on and off the mod features there. In the mod menu, you’ll see the features, unlimited gold, dragon eye, magic dust, and no ads feature. Also, you’re allowed to minimize the whole mod menu from the screen as well.

Unlimited Magic Dust

In the free version of this game, we get a limited amount of dust and have to wait and earn the dust to hatch the egg. The mod version arrives with Unlimited magic dust; usually, it takes 21 days to break the egg, but now you’ve unlimited magic dust and can hatch the egg in a few minutes. Just drop the magic dust on the egg, and it’ll start breaking.

Unlimited magic dust in Manok Na Pula

Max Level

If you are already playing this game, you may know that not all levels are unlocked, but in the Manok Na Pula Mod, you’ll obtain the max level and can play the level you want because all the levels can be played with the mod version of the Manok Na Pula APK.

Enjoy Free Purchase

Now you don’t need to pay for pro features as you do in the basic version of the game because you’ve unlimited money or gold. Visit the store section of the Manok Na Pula Android game, enjoy the free purchase, and experience the premium features.

What’s New?

  • Improved skills of different chicken characters.
  • The quality of locations is upgraded.
  • Attacking powers are much better now.
  • More surprising gifts after breaking the egg.
  • Manok na Hari, Labandera, LATOLATO and Akatchuki are added.
  • Added SUPER SISIW 3

Manok Na Pula – Conclusion

The rooster-fighting trend is increasing day by day. So, to have a real cockfighting experience in the gaming world, the Manok Na Pula Mod APK game is in the leading position. You can download the latest version of this game from our website APK Wires. The game has extraordinary features which you would have never experienced in any other rooster fighting game. The mod version of Manok Na Pula APK enables many paid features for unrestricted use, like Unlimited Money, eye, max level, and much more. Therefore, we suggest you go with the Mod Version of this game! You can also download Stumble Guys Mod APK as well.

Game FAQs

You need to download the mod version of Manok Na Pula from APK Wires; this version will give you Unlimited money and an eye.

Yes, you can get and use the Unlimited Magic Dust in the Manok Na Pula Modded APK version.

Yes, you can play the Manok Na Pula game with your Facebook friends and with online players around the globe.